Papadiamantis House

The house of Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911), one of the most prominent Greek writers is situated in Skiathos Town. Built-in 1850-1860 by the author’s father, who was a priest, this house has a simple decoration with just a few furniture and family objects. Many years after Papadiamantis death (in 1911), his house was declared as a preserved monument by the Greek Ministry of Culture. In 1954, the house was bought by the State and it belongs today to the Municipality of Skiathos.

Over the last years, the house of Papadiamantis has turned into a museum dedicated to the writer’s life and work. The first floor is preserved as the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis with the original furniture and objects whereas the ground floor, used by the family as a storage room, works as an exhibition room and has an impressive collection of manuscripts.

The museum is located at a small and narrow alley within a short walking distance from the port. The house is a typical example of the local architecture, one of the few that reflect the traditional style and character of the island. The ascetic life of Papadiamantis has left behind nothing more but a few personal things that witness the humble spirit and strong religious faith. Alexandros Papadiamantis is among the most notable Greek writers and literary figures. He used to write ethnographic novels and narrative stories which are considered as masterpieces of contemporary Greek literature.

Born in Skiathos in 1851, Papadiamantis expressed his love for religion from an early age. As a result, he adopted an extreme ascetic lifestyle that made him live in poverty with just a little money in his pockets, enough to provide him the basic needs. However, due to this hard and traditional Orthodox way of living, his health was deeply damaged leading to his premature death in 1911. The writer’s novels reflect his high spiritual dimension and theological visions. Some of his most famous novels are The MurderessThe Gypsy GirlThe Emigrant and The Merchants of Nations.