Mandraki Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece


In a natural reserve of low hills cloaked with stone and Aleppo pines, Mandraki is an undeveloped stretch of coastline with three beaches in bays on either side of a cape.

These are Xerxi to the west, Elias to the centre and the Agistri the smallest to the east.
The busiest is Elias, which is also the largest, and like Xerxi has a beach bar where you can hire a sun lounger and parasol. Elias also has more private spaces at the far ends, preferred by naturists.
All three have golden sand, while Elias has a backdrop of low dunes and Xerxi is framed by cliffs.

You can reach Mandraki by bus, getting off at stop 23 and walking through the aromatic pine forest.