Arkos Island

Arkos Island - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Arkos Island Two and a half kilometers south from the old town of Skiathos lies a s small and almost deserted island. As a real piece of paradise, it is quiet and untouched. The island is covered with lush vegetation. Most of the coastline of Arkos is rocky and unapproachable. On the west coast, however, […]

Diamandi Beach

Diamandi Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Diamandi Beach Popular for its emerald green waters and fine golden sands, Diamandi is a small beach in the very south of the island. It is a wonderful choice, with no matter if you want to swim or to snorkel here. The visibility underwater is up to about 40 meters. Because of its isolated location, […]

Vromolimnos Beach

Vromolimnos Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Vromolimnos Beach Vromolimnos Beach is located on the west coast of a small peninsula in southern Skiathos. Because of its strategic location, it is a preferred place to rent a boat from. It is pretty close to the main settlements of Skiathos, some of the neighbouring almost uninhabited islands and the most beautiful (but still […]

Strofilias Lake

Strofilias Lake - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Strofilias Lake Strofilias Lake is the green paradise of Skiathos. It is located about 200 meters from the famous Koukounaries Beach and is definitely on top of the list as one of the best places to visit on the island. It attracts a number of holidaymakers from across Europe. This is a great choice if […]

Banana Beach

Banana Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Banana Beach Less crowed than Koukounaries, Banana Beach still has a party atmosphere and is a simple walk from bus stop 26. At the end of the forest trail is a crescent-shaped sweep of sand, with up-tempo music played all day at the Bananarama Beach Bar. It is a favourite with the Greek students who […]

Troulos Beach

Troulos Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Troulos Beach On the south coast near bus stop 18 is an enticing sandy bay less than ten kilometres from Skiathos Town. The sand at Troulos may be the softest on the island, and the beach has the signature gentle slope and crystal clear water that everyone loves. And being on the south coast the […]

Agia Eleni Beach

Agia Eleni Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Agia Eleni Beach Walking distance from the much more frequented Koukounaries Beach, Agia Eleni is a west-facing bay named for the nearby chapel. Travelling on the bus from Chora you can get off at stop 25, it is heavenly sandy bay with the usual rows of sun loungers, but also colourful soft couches, all served […]

Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower

Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower – Skitahos In the evening you’ll see this monument in lights on a rise above Chora’s old town. Getting up to this lookout isn’t easy but warrants the many steps, and when you do make it to the top you’ll have the most complete panorama of the harbour, the […]


Tsougria - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Tsougria The island of Tsougria is visible from the clock tower in Skiathios town is a brief boat trip away. Leave early in the morning and you can pass a carefree day idling on its four beaches or hiking up the island’s rocky ridge for a panorama of Skiathos and nearby Skopelos. Tsourgria is uninhabited […]


Mandraki Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Mandraki In a natural reserve of low hills cloaked with stone and Aleppo pines, Mandraki is an undeveloped stretch of coastline with three beaches in bays on either side of a cape. These are Xerxi to the west, Elias to the centre and the Agistri the smallest to the east. The busiest is Elias, which […]

Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Grilled Octopus Seafood is delivered fresh out of the water by local fishermen to just about every taverna in Skiathos. Greek-style octopus comes marinated in white wine and lemon, with bay leaves as garnishes for a fresh, tangy taste. Pair with a glass of ouzo to complete this classic Greek meal. There are plenty of […]

Old Port

Old Port - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Old Port The hub of fashionable nightlife in Skiathos centres around the Old Port. Relaxed waterfront bars have enchanting views over the ocean while well-known DJs and partygoers pack into the clubs until the early hours of the morning. The Rock’n’Roll Café is one of the coolest spots in town, with funky rock and Latin music, […]

Papadiamanti Pedestrian Street

Papadiamanti Pedestria Street - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Papadiamanti Pedestrian Street One of the best areas to shop in Skiathos is along the pedestrian street of Papadiamanti. Named after the famous Greek author, you’ll find shops selling local food products, handcrafted tableware and boutique clothing. There’s also a handful of interesting little art galleries and plenty of quaint cafés. A trip to Galerie Varsakis […]

Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Lalaria Beach Lalaria is surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs and bordered by the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean. The spectacular natural arch rising out of the sea is an icon of Skiathos, making it a popular place to take photos. The beach itself is mostly fine pebble, dropping off quite steeply into the water. […]

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Hiking Trails Nearly 200 km of hiking routes cover the entire island of Skiathos, which can take you up to the island’s peaks, through fragrant pine forest, and along meandering streams. Trails are clearly marked and well-maintained, and range between 1 and 6 hours to complete. There are guided group hikes covering just about everything, […]

Koukounaries Beach

Koukounaries Beach - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Koukounaries Beach Koukounaries Beach is a protected nature reserve and there’s very little development other than a few scattered beach bars. Rent a sunbed and umbrella, settle in, and enjoy views of the Aegean Sea. One of the most popular beaches in Skiathos, many travellers are drawn to its soft white sand and pine trees. […]

Old Town

Old Town - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Old Town Brightly painted shutters and pots filled with blooming flowers make Old Town Skiathos a charming spot to start the day in. Stop at one of its many pavement cafés for coffee and a traditional Greek breakfast. Most have outdoor seating where you to spend a few leisurely hours in the sunshine. The core […]

Panagia Kounistra Monastery

Panagia Kounistra Monastery - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Panagia Kounistra Monastery The Monastery of Panagia Kounistra (or Ikonistra) is found in the middle of a pine forest on the southwestern side of Skiathos. It is actually located about 13 km from the main town, on the way to Aselinos beach and is considered the saint protector of the island. It was built in […]

Papadiamantis House

Papadiamantis House - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Papadiamantis House The house of Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911), one of the most prominent Greek writers is situated in Skiathos Town. Built-in 1850-1860 by the author’s father, who was a priest, this house has a simple decoration with just a few furniture and family objects. Many years after Papadiamantis death (in 1911), his house was declared […]

Monastery of Evangelistria

Monastery of Evangelistria - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Monastery of Evangelistria The Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria is located about 5 km north of Skiathos Town. Reachable by car or on foot (1 hour) from the capital of the island, this historic monastery is built on the slopes of a mountainside and it is surrounded by lush greenery, mostly pine forests and fur trees. […]

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Medieval Castle In the past Castle used to be one of the principal medieval towns. The town has been strategically built on a rocky cliff that literally hangs above the sea at the northern extreme of the island. The cliff is conspicuous by its enormous height and it was an ideal location for the protection […]

Sea Caves

Sea Caves - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Sea Caves Close to the beach of Lalaria, one of the most photographed beaches in Greece are two beautiful sea caves, Skotini and Galazia. Lalaria is located on the northern coast of Skiathos and is the most famous sight of Skiathos. Skotini spilia (dark cave) is the legendary sea cave characterized by its low and narrow entrance […]


Bourtzi - Cape Blue Suites - Achladies - Skiathos - Greece

Bourtzi Bourtzi is a tiny peninsula that divides the Skiathos port into two distinct parts. It used to be a fort, which was built by the Gizi brothers who ruled over Skiathos back in 1207. Bourtzi was bordered by impregnable walls and there were two towers located to the left and right of the main […]